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Featured Products

Simple Hub License

Availability: In stock


System management software license for use with all Simple Hub platforms to add advanced Simple Control features.


Simple Hub License works with all Simple Hub platforms (macOS, iOS, tvOS, and the appliance) to enable the Simple Hub functionality below.

Simple Hub for Mac takes Simple Control to the next level with remote access to your home from outside your network (requires Simple Service), encrypted real-time configuration synchronization, configuration lock, timer/trigger based events, backup/restore; and, screen, keyboard and mouse control for macOS for HTPC control via Simple Control.

Simple Hub for Apple TV (tvOS) offers most of the same features as the Mac version (with the exception of Mac HTPC control). It also adds a live video camera viewing carousel.

Simple Hub License is not included with Simple Hub appliance.

Important notes:

  • Simple Hub must be paired with the Simple Control for iOS app (available on the App Store) and has no functionality without it.
  • To activate Simple Hub using this software license, you must first download and install Simple Hub for Mac or install Simple Hub for Apple TV (+$19.99) or purchase a Simple Hub appliance.

  • Click Here to download Simple Hub for Mac.
    Click Here for information on Simple Hub for Apple TV. Apple TV apps must be purchased directly from Apple TV. Purchase this license, Sign In to your Simple Control client, and then pair with Simple Hub for Apple TV to license the product.

  • Simple Hub for Apple TV requires that the app is always running in the foreground as Apple TV does not support background operation. A dedicated Apple TV is recommended for constant Simple Hub services.

Simple Hub is also available as an appliance. This license is required to activate the appliance edition.


  • Synchronization: Each time you change a Simple Control setting on one of your iOS devices, Simple Hub automatically updates your other devices instantly. Even if none of your iOS devices are actively running Simple Control, Simple Hub keeps track of things and automatically updates as devices come back online.
  • Configuration Lockdown with PIN: Simple Hub enables all Simple Control devices to be locked so that their configurations cannot be changed. It even provides the ability to set a PIN to allow temporary access.
  • Remote Access: All Commands, Activities, and even Feedback to and from your devices works remotely outside your local network when securely paired with Simple Sync. (Requires Simple Service.)
  • Triggers: Create reactive feedback actions such as “run the Watch TV Activity when my Lutron keypad button is pressed." The currently supported trigger devices are Lutron Radio RA2, Lutron Caséta, Philips Hue, Vera, Simple Blaster Relay Cable, iPort SurfaceMount with Buttons, and Universal Devices ISY. Triggers can be set to run from a specific Simple Control instance or via Simple Hub.
  • Amazon Echo Integration: Simple Hub supports voice control via Amazon Echo. See the Simple Hub Amazon Echo Guide for instructions on enabling this support.
  • SmartThings Triggers: Simple Hub accepts commands from a SmartThings Hub. See the Simple Hub SmartThings Setup Pack for instructions on enabling this support.
  • Time and Timer Triggers: Create actions such as "turn off the TV in 90 minutes" or "open the shades at 9 a.m."

Features available only on Mac:

  • Screen Control: Enables Simple Control devices to view your macOS screen, and control the keyboard and mouse.
  • Application Launching: Simple Control clients can launch and bring to the front any application.
  • macOS System Management: Additional controls are provided including the ability to restart, sleep, or shutdown from the Simple Control app.

Features available only on Apple TV:

  • Camera Carousel: Any RTSP video camera in your Simple Control configuration is displayed in a rotating carousel of live, zoomable video streams. Cameras can be added directly from Simple Hub or as part of Simple Control. Compatible with hundreds of brands/models.
All Simple Control clients must be upgraded to version 4.5 or later.

System Requirements

OS macOS 10.9 or later; or,
Dedicated Apple TV (2015 Model); or,
Dedicated iOS 9.3+ device; or,
Simple Hub appliance
Simple Control Simple Control Home; or,
Simple Control System

Simple Service
Network Shared local network with Simple Control devices